Faulty Construction

Increasing profits by using substandard building practices and materials is a major temptation for home builders. Unsuspecting buyers inspect houses for their aesthetic qualities and take for granted that the developer/contractor has met all of the necessary building code requirements to create a high quality, durable and permanent dwelling.

Unfortunately, after purchases are made and the new owners settle in, problems begin to arise that are telltale signs of poor construction. Deep cracks in interior and exterior walls, sinking foundations, roof and ceiling leaks, all can seriously degrade a home’s structural integrity and cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Homeowners who encounter these problems and hope to make the builders take responsibility face a long a difficult road. Ervin A. Gonzalez has helped thousands of individuals litigate their claims to a successful resolution.

He has served as lead counsel on behalf of thousands of South Florida homeowners against numerous developers and has represented individual owners as well as entire communities in legal battles over faulty and substandard construction against contractors and homebuilders.