When it comes to complex litigation involving wrongful death, personal injuries, commercial disputes or class action litigation, it takes a team to research, prepare, and litigate.

Ervin A. Gonzalez and his team at Colson Hicks Eidson have the staff, data management system and experience to handle everything from a complex individual personal injury or commercial case to class action and mass tort claims involving thousands of plaintiffs.

Over the years he has successfully litigated cases involving: products liability; medical malpractice; dangerous pharmaceuticals medical devices; automobile, railroad aviation accidents; construction accidents; shoddy construction; financing violations; improper billing; and other consumer related cases.

His extensive experience and resources have allowed him to successfully prosecute even the most time consuming and labor intensive case with great efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in satisfied clients and referral attorneys.

He hasn’t done it alone. In most cases he has worked together with referring attorneys sharing responsibility and fees, as allowed by the ethics rules of the Florida Bar.

If you have an individual case or potential class action where you are seeking a team approach, call 305-476-7400 or send an e-mail to see how Ervin A. Gonzalez can help you produce the best results for your client.

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