No Normalization with Cuba

“No Normalization with Cuba” – Miami Herald April 3, 2016

The question of whether Cuban Americans should now embrace the normalization of relations and come to terms with the atrocities that occurred in Fidel Castro and Che’s Cuba that caused millions to seek exile in this country comes down to whose ox is being gored.
Those who suffered the loss of the lives of loved ones who were murdered by Che Guevara and his henchmen for speaking out against Castro’s tyranny will never just let it go.

Those who were wrongfully imprisoned for expressing their political views will also never forget.

Those who had their businesses, homes and properties shamelessly taken from them, were denied justice for generations and had inheritances wiped away by the communist/socialist regime also cannot be expected to forget.

No, many Cuban Americans will not just simply turn the page on such a past, nor should they.

I was born in Miami and am proud to be an American because our country stands for all I believe in.

There will be nothing good to be found in Cuba’s corrupt government, not now and not ever, until democracy and capitalism are restored.


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